basic info

firstly, thank you all so much for your involvement. this project is intended to be a celebration of edinburgh’s underground music scene and give the community a chance to come together, socialise and party. subterranean sound is a 2-day indoor festival located at sweetdram distillery and will take place over friday 6th & saturday 7th of october. the event will take place from 3pm until 1am each day.

our aim is to try and create a unique experience, so we will be bringing in our hand-built lighting rig, using a very unique soundsystem and supplementing that with the DJ booth placed in the middle of the dancefloor.

your artist liaison is Bartek and is contactable at for more general questions please email

what should I prepare?+

creating a wicked sonic soundscape starts with impeccable music selection which is why we are working with you. we are hoping to curate a moody, underground atmosphere and hope that this inspires your set choices. our aim is to show off what truly defines your sound so please do your thing and we will support you all the way.

how can I help?+

we are non-profit and rely mainly on word of mouth for our events. in order to highlight each local artist, we will be running artist spotlights. we’re hoping to have these as joint posts, so if you’re happy to it would be great if you could accept and share these on your platforms.

arriving at the venue+

you will receive an artist ticket which will give you access to the venue for the whole weekend. when you arrive at the venue for your slot, please let the ticket staff know and we’ll show you to the green room area. we encourage you all to come enjoy the whole weekend as the event is all about community.


we will be recording all sets as we did with last year. we are also planning on filming all the sets and releasing these after the event. if you have any questions or objections please let us know in advance.

payment & Invoicing+

we really want to pay our artists a fair wage for their amazing work. with this in mind our base rate for all artists will be £80/h. to encourage extra promotion and to further compensate you, we will be paying out £120/h if the event sells out. payment will be made once funds have been released by RA and we have received an invoice. this normally happens a week after the event. please send your invoices to